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As automation from machine learning starts to displace tens of millions of jobs, job security will only be found in work that is unique, specialized, and "non-fungible." Remote work has also exploded, as more people are now flocking to work where they're not at increased risk of contracting viruses like COVID-19.

All of these macro trends have made the Creator persona more prevalent in the public eye, and it's increasingly obvious that Creators will play a lead role in the Future of Work.

Mass Internet adoption is changing the nature of how society functions. As social networks have completely taken over our lives, it's easier than ever to find people around the world who care about the super obscure thing that you're currently obsessing over. As a result, anyone can literally monetize anything that they're passionate about — as long as the work is quality.

This era belongs to the makers and builders who are individually shaping our culture. This is the time of the Creator.


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