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Receive high-quality feedback

1. Upload unlimited drafts, all without having to leave the tools you're comfortable with

2. Customize your feedback requests without having to think about the process from scratch

3. Rejoice in the fact that we dispatch your requests to other CF creators on your behalf — these creators have varying demographic traits in order to simulate a release to a diverse audience

4. Receive high-quality feedback and seamlessly implement that feedback back into your work

5. Retroactively grade all of the feedback given to you after your official release, so that you can get increasingly better feedback after every upload


Earn CrafterPoints that can be exchanged for rewards you care about

The satisfaction of being genuinely helpful to other creators is the consolation prize.

Your feedback is rewarded with CrafterPoints based on how valuable that feedback was to the success of the actual release.

Those points can then be exchanged for a custom reward bundle of your choosing — rewards can include:

  • Popular crypto like ETH, BTC, & SOL
  • NFTs
  • Mentorship one-on-ones
  • Collab requests
  • Cross promotions with other CF Creators
  • "Highlighted Creator" features
  • and more that are actually valuable to you as a creator

A platform for creators to level up their work and earn rewards along the way